What is known about white holes? A phenomenon that for scientists should be impossible


Decades of research, observation, analysis, and scientific dedication have revealed unpublished information about black holes. Although much remains to be known about them, progress in this area has been impressive. But there is a phenomenon that occurs in this region of the universe that they call white holes, about which nobody can say anything for sure.

Scientists believe it impossible because of the elements that develop in it. But they expose them in the theories to shape the solutions of the equations exposed in the gravitational field of Albert Einstein.

“When performing the mathematical operations of the equations that Einstein proposed, the result is a white hole. But we still do not know of any physical process that leads to the generation of a white hole,” said Edward Larrañaga, professor at the National Astronomical Observatory of Colombia, according to the BBC.

Let’s go from the basic and simple to the complex. In general, white holes would be nothing more than a window into another universe, according to assumptions.

For now, this phenomenon is only captured through theories based on mathematical calculations and physical equations. It is an event practically impossible to confirm.

Black holes absorb energy, black holes expel it

But according to their concepts they are part of the deepest place of black holes. They would be born from the very center of the wormhole from which infinities of energy are ejected.

It is precisely for this reason that the scientist Sean Carroll, from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) compares both events saying that “a black hole is a place you can enter but you can never escape from. While a white hole is a place where you can get out but to which you can never return, ”reviews BBC Mundo in a 2018 note.

Specifically, because of its color: white represented by the energy, opposite of a black hole. Also, the fact that it expels and does not swallow is another feature of why they are counterparts.

But about what happens at its center, inside the black hole itself, is what remains a great mystery. And that is precisely where a white hole is theorized to lie. This is why we see little information about them. Is it a tunnel to another dimension?

The day they are confirmed we would be facing the confirmation of an event that, for now, defies some laws of physics.

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