This was the mysterious “extraterrestrial woman” that NASA recorded on Mars


Mars, explored by the POT with greater details in the 21st century, has left images to remember. Among the most recent there is the famous Door to another world; but one of the oldest is the of a mysterious extraterrestrial woman, caught on video from 2015.

These are videos and images from NASA, captured by their rovers on the surface of the red planet. With the incredible technology developed by the US agency, we can see details about the geology of Mars.

However, the curious explore these images and videos again and again, finding things that, at first sight, cannot be detected.

One of them is that of the famous woman on the Martian surface. What were the fans watching at the time?

As reported by the Spanish newspaper ABC, It was a figure barely 10 centimeters tall, keeping to the scale with which the Curiosity rover captured objects. She looked like a woman with breasts and other features common among Earth dwellers.

Scott Waring, author at UFO Magazine UFO Sightings Daily, He said: “We see that it has arms, which are of a lighter color, and what appears to be a head that has long hair.”

What was this mysterious figure?

The scientific explanation about the mysterious alien woman on Mars

Simple and simply an effect caused by the wind on the surface of Mars, much like a woman’s body. As well as the famous Door to another world, which was nothing but a rock well outlined by the Martian wind in the shape of a door.

NASA explains that Mars is a desert and cold place, with huge mountains, dormant volcanoes and more details similar to any arid zone on Earth. However, it receives more asteroid impacts than our planet, which makes its surface more altered.

NASA video capture

by chance, many figures that can be seen on the red planet are simply generated by the weather. And the human being who looks at it can give it, based on the experience acquired, the image that the mind wants.

Like the one about the mysterious woman on the Martian surface. Or the Gate. If it is what our mind wants to see, it is what we see. But in the end it just ends up being a piece of rock or a misplaced shadow.

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