NASA x Interstellar RED 3.721 watch launched, which comes with a capsule containing real meteorite dust from Mars


Astronomers have a very definite roadmap for space and Mars research, with the goal of bringing humans to the red planet. Meanwhile, people can wear a sample of the star on their wrists, thanks to a NASA watch.

We talk about NASA x Interstellar RED 3721, designed by Interstellar with the approval of the US space agency. This clock comes with a capsule at the 3 o’clock position containing real meteorite powder from Marsa relic for space lovers.

According to the report published on the Yanko Desing website, the watch face comes with a detailed embossed chart of the planetalong with the coordinates of the Jezero Crater in which NASA’s Perseverance rover landed.

NASA x Interstellar RED 3721

Additionally, etched into the bezel of the watch is the date February 18, 2021, capturing the day Percy touched down on the Martian surface. The rover landed in a 28-mile-wide crater called Jezero, the coordinates of which are also etched into the frame.

NASA x Interstellar RED 3721

Other spatial details

The back features an illustration of the rover’s parachute, along with the coded message that reads “Dare Mighty Things.” Even the name RED3.721 is a tribute to the red planet.

To make the watch face shine, Interstellar opted for an elegant and rather simple case made of 316L stainless steel or titanium, colored black to represent the infinite blackness of space while also letting the red planet stand out.

NASA x Interstellar RED 3721

The watch face comes with a 3D relief pattern of the Mars landscape, made with real planetary data, along with glowing binary code around the face, reading the mission date and capturing the ‘7 Minutes of Terror’ , a phrase that describes the seven minutes between Perseverance’s entry into the Martian atmosphere and the safe landing inside Jezero Crater.

NASA x Interstellar RED 3721

How much does it cost to have this watch? Versions start at $398, $497 for the Mars Dust edition and $896 for the titanium-coated variant..

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