Robots to power: a company introduces the first CEO that works thanks to artificial intelligence


Her name is Tang Yu (“Mrs” Tang Yu) and, in a short time, she has become the CEO of a subsidiary Chinese video game company. NetDragon Websoft. Oh, and it’s a robot that works thanks to artificial intelligence.

That “little” detail.

The company this month appointed the virtual CEO, who seeks to ensure “a fair and efficient workplace for all employees.”

Tang Yu will specifically lead the subsidiary Fujian Net Dragon Websoft, serving as “a real-time data center and analytical tool for decision-making”.

NetDragon Websoft was founded in 1999 and, currently worth a billion dollars, is responsible for online multiplayer games such as Heroes Evolved and Conquer Online, plus Android apps like Conquer Poker Texas Hold’em.

If the mentality of recent years is the use of robots to perform worker tasks, we are entering a new era: now they make “transcendental” decisions for the company. Automation taken to a higher level.

The work of the new CEO, based on artificial intelligence

The company explained in a statement, quoted by the dailymail, the reasons that brought Tang Yu to power:

“The appointment is a step in pioneering the use of artificial intelligence to transform corporate management and take operational efficiency to a new level.”

Add NetDragon Websoft: “Tang Yu’s appointment highlights the company’s ‘artificial intelligence +’ management strategy and represents an important milestone in becoming a Metaverse organization.”

It is unknown if a similar one will house Tang Yu's artificial intelligence.

Although it is not specified how it will work, the Chinese company highlights that Tang Yu will supervise the operations of the organization and efficiency department. “It will streamline the flow of processes, improve the quality of work tasks and improve the speed of execution,” says NetDragon in its statement.

NetDragon has made humanoid robots, showing them at events, but it is not known if any of them will serve as a body for the new CEO.

Opening the doors in the Metaverse

The appointment is symbolic, no doubt. Dejian Liu remains as president of NetDragon, betting heavily on the company’s entry into the Metaverse.

President of NetDragon Websoft

“We believe that artificial intelligence is the future of corporate management, and our appointment of Ms. Tang Yu represents our commitment to truly embrace the use of artificial intelligence to transform the way we operate our business.”

“Ultimately,” adds Liu, “to drive our future strategic growth.”

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