Running a motorcycle with salt water fuel is possible and this Argentine student demonstrated it on TikTok


Scientists around the world are focused on finding forms of fuel that replace conventional gasoline. An additive is needed that is capable of being much more friendly to our atmosphere. Perhaps, this curious invention with salt water, propelled by a Argentine student who revolutionizes TikTok could be one of the solutions.

Eliminating or at least reducing carbon emissions is something that the ozone layer will thank us for and it will be noticeable in the air that our lungs breathe.

The invention was completely developed by Santiago Herrera and is published in your personal account of TikTok, which to date already accumulates more than 11 thousand reproductions. It was part of a final project of the Agricultural School in Salta, northern province of the albiceleste territory.

According to what Santiago Herrera himself explains in his TikTok video, the motorcycle he put together is capable of running on three types of water.

In the first place, they can add water that is dirty, that has already been used and is no longer useful. Then you can add fresh water, which is the common water that comes out of the faucet and add salt. And finally, seawater can be used as fuel, which obviously already has salt.

“The idea is to do electrolysis,” explains Santiago. “It would be necessary to separate the water, the hydrogen molecule and the oxygen molecule. What we use as fuel is hydrogen, which has high volatility compared to a fossil fuel such as naphtha (gasoline)”, added the outstanding student.

In the same video, he shows how the motorcycle activates and it turns on with a little more noise than a conventional one, but it works optimally without altering issues such as temperature or the passage of additives.


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Is he the first to invent saltwater fuel?

We investigated in our archives and found a review from 2011 in which a Japanese man claims to have created a motorcycle that uses neither gasoline nor electricity as fuel. No sir, use salt water.

Operate with a solar heater that is attached to the scooter that evaporates salt water to generate metallic sodium, which is then mixed with more water. The chemical reaction produced in this process is the fuel that feeds the motorcycle.

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