More than 150 years ago, the Earth suffered the worst solar storm in its recent history: this was the Carrington Event


The unusual behavior that our massive star has recorded in recent weeks, related to a possible solar storm, has made us dig deep into the archives.

Outer space is a wonder that is constantly revealing its secrets to us. Each of the processes is so perfect, that they occur exactly at the ideal moment in which we can notice it, to understand little by little how it can affect us in the future.

We have already been talking in recent days about how a solar storm that ejects a large number of particles would be a complete catastrophe for the current connections in the world.

The Internet, the axis that moves almost all the engines in the world, would be the main target. So, since it is crucial that we do not lose this tool that has become essential, each study of the NASA, ESA or any space and astronomy agencies point towards the protection of network connections.

Something that scientists are well aware of, and that is precisely what we are going to tell you, is that the Earth suffered the worst geomagnetic storm of which there is any record.

Experts at the time called it the Carrington Event. It happened more than 150 years ago and caused a wave of unusual situations.

The Carrington Event: an unprecedented solar storm

To be more exact on the date, this Carrington Event was recorded on August 28, 1859 (163 years ago). It affected our planet between September 1 and 2. Naked eye users saw how an ejection of white light was seen in the sky.

They say that the particles that came from our massive star caused the northern lights to be seen at the equator, that is, in the middle of our Earth; a phenomenon that, as National Geographic points out, only occurs in southern or northern regions.

The solar flare became so intense that in Europe and North America there were failures in the communication services, at that time handled by the telegraph.

“The explosion probably spat out a coronal mass ejection that swept our planet with high-speed bursts of superheated plasma clouds,” reports Live Science to explain why the communication networks of 163 years ago collapsed.

NASA reports reflect that the sunspots they currently monitor are much colder than those of that record from 1859. Therefore, an event like that at this time would be a real catastrophe.

Solar storm
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