NASA reveals a surreal video of Earth that looks like another planet


A video in time-lapse format made by NASA shows the Earth from such a surreal perspective that it looks like another planetrecorded from the International Space Station (ISS), 268 miles from our world.

The clip posted from the ISS Twitter account, @Space_Stationshared the video that features a beautiful aurora that makes our planet look like another world.

For many astronauts who visit the Space Station, as the report on the Digital Trends website recalls, witnessing an aurora is usually one of the highlights of their stay in space.

The natural phenomenon occurs when particles from solar storms hit gases in Earth’s atmosphere and pretty displays emerge from the collision between the two.

The surreal video of the Earth

The 64-second video shows the view from the orbital outpost as it passes over the Indian Ocean before traveling toward a moonlit coral sea off eastern Australia.

Stopping the video at 25 seconds shows a bright image of the Moon as it rises above Earth. Also, at 30 seconds, the aurora disappears from the image as the ISS travels over South Australia. You can also see the rise of the Orion constellation.

Towards the end of the video, images show the beautiful view of light from our natural satellite, reflecting off the ocean several hundred miles below, before several thunderstorms dot the nightscape.

In the middle of the video appears the Canadarm2, the ISS robotic arm that is used to assist astronauts during spacewalks outside the Station and can also be used to grab visiting spacecraft to help them park safely.

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