SHINE is a robot bartender that prepares any drink while studying your mood


The future reaches us and is getting closer. That is a permanent sensation that haunts us every time we see something in action. robot that seems taken from the future, like the automatons of Elon Musk.

But sometimes those glimpses of the future are so playful and endearing that they seem absolutely harmless to the future of the human race.

That is the case of BRIGHTNESSa curious but lovable robot who has a single vocation in life that probably no one will object to: preparing the best drinks in the world.

That’s right, we’re talking about someone in this world having had the brilliant ideal of giving society something that really needed it: an automaton with a bartending vocation.

This is SHINE the robot bartender

Developed by engineers and scientists from the University of Naples Federico II, this robot has been shown in action since the account of Twitter of the Laboratory called Projects of Intelligent Robotics and Advanced Cognitive Systems, or PRISCA Lab, which belongs to said house of studies.

And as we can see, the BRILLO robot (Bartending Robot for Interactive Long-Lasting Operations) can do everything that is expected of an experienced and hardened bartender:

SHINE is capable of remembering your favorite drinks, chatting a bit at very basic but interesting levels, and even cracking jokes if that’s the mood on the site.

In fact, that is his second great skill, since he can limit himself to doing his job as a mixologist without fail, or he can implement basic degrees of interaction with drinkers so as not to feel so alone.

BRILLO began development around 2020 through a cooperative partnership between university researchers at PRISCA Labs and Totaro Automazioni, an Italian food assembly line machine manufacturer.

Silvia Rossi, Principal Investigator at PRISCA Lab, says that while the intention was to create the perfect robot bartender, they also wanted to “mimic the important social aspects of a bartender’s job.”

This is how a trained artificial intelligence algorithm was integrated into the automaton to study the faces and speech patterns of any client and thus learn in real time the best way to interact,

The intention is that BRILLO can determine the client’s state of mind and initiate an interaction based on it to increase their chances of socializing.

On top of that, BRILLO wears a retro look with a bow tie and a vest, which makes it more friendly.

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