China makes its 9th space launch in 30 days, launching 16 new satellites into orbit


space agency China has been very active in recent weeks, launching rockets and ships with multiple purposes. But it seems that it does not plan to stop in the near future, and an example of this is the 16 satellites that I sent into space aboard a rocket Last Wednesday, August 10, marking its ninth foray in less than 30 days.

The Asian country has shown that at the moment it has good technological advances to be able to carry out various space investigations on its own, although a few days ago there was a dangerous problem with space junk left by one of its rockets, something that caused a lot of controversy among astronomers. and scientists.

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According to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, these new 16 satellites will be divided into two groups, each of which will have its own function. 10 of them will have the task of capture high-resolution optical images for Chang Guang Satellite Technology (CGST), a company that manufactures and operates commercial satellites based in northeast China.

For its part, the other six will be assigned to help with weather reports. “Each is equipped with GNSS occultation instruments, which detect signals from GPS, Beidou, and other navigation and positioning satellites that pass through the atmosphere to provide useful data for weather forecasting and monitoring of atmospheric processes.”reports the Space portal.

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During the last four weeks, the Asian country has also launched a new module of its space station, a secret plane, a communications relay satellite, a group of spy satellites, a pair of satellites that capture images of 30 centimeters resolution by pixel, a carbon monitoring satellite and a new commercial rocket, in addition to this new payload.

But that’s not all, as the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation announced earlier in the year that is scheduled to make more than 50 launches in 2022with commercial companies such as Galactic Energy, CAS Space and Expace planning to add even more to Chinese launch activity.

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