Monkeypox: these are the organs most affected by the disease


Little by little, Monkeypox has taken away the exclusive prominence that Covid-19 had been having in recent times. Since the increase in cases that led to the high alert status of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the imminent declaration of a health emergency in the United States, the world looks with more concern at its statistics and research.

Among the new studies dedicated to the condition, a group of scientists in Spain showed that almost half of the affected patients suffered significant injuries in delicate areas of the body such as the penis, anus and tonsils.

The determinations were carried out in three Sexual Health units in the cities of Barcelona and Madrid and were known thanks to the publication of the medical medium, The Lancent. The Hospital Universitario 12 de octubre, the Hospital Universitari Germans Trias – Fundación Lucha contra las Infecciones, the Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron, and the London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) also collaborated in this project.

There are already more than 90 cases of monkeypox in Mexico.


The statistical numbers are alarming: people affected by monkeypox presented serious complications and various treatments to reduce pain in affected areas such as proctitis (25%), tonsillar ulceration (11%) and penile edema (8%). ).

The conclusions were made possible by analyzes of 181 confirmed cases of monkeypox, of which 175 (98%) were male, and 166 were identified as men who have sex with men. 37 years was the predominant average age in the percentage of patients and most stated that the incubation period of the disease was established at an average of 7 days.

Sexual intercourse is considered the main factor for this problem to occur, since specialists assure that skin-to-skin contact during the act is the dominant factor over, for example, respiratory transmission.

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