This is why you shouldn’t shower every day, according to Harvard


Performing constant personal hygiene should not only be done to stay clean and avoid having unpleasant odors, but it will also help us avoid contracting dangerous diseases. It is because of this that take a bath it is a daily habit, and in some cases, there are people who do it more than once a day.

However, experts from the Harvard University revealed that It is not recommended to bathe constantly sinceContrary to popular belief, you could be harming your health. It is important to point out that personal hygiene must be maintained in the same way, but certain circumstances that can damage the skin and hair must be taken into account.

Health attack?

According to experts from the prestigious house of studies, there are different causes that will threaten health every time we bathe and that they increase as we shower more frequently. Since the continuous use of soap, shampoo and conditioners will guarantee hygiene, but at the same time, they will also bring with them some problems; This without mentioning the salt, fluoride and pesticides present in the water.

Consequently, continuous bathing will generate irritation and itching, skin infections (added to rough and dry skin), allergic reactions and also the ability to increase bacteria in the body and hair. This is why you should pay special attention to the number of times you wash yourself per day.

Not very long baths

To conclude, specialists recommend bathe 4 times a week and take short baths that last 3 minutes and during that time make sure to wash and rub the areas of the armpits and groin, to take care of the skin and hair.

Although, in the same way, the same experts from Harvard University state that this rule can be broken if the person is very dirty and sweaty, especially if you are involved in sports activities or are exposed to high temperatures and dusty or dirty environments. In this case, the shower can be with lukewarm water, reducing the use of antibacterial shampoos and soaps.

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