They find in the United Kingdom the first fossil of the brain of a dinosaur, from 133 million years ago


In the already distant 2004, they found in Sussex, United Kingdom, what seemed to be a simple stone. Disappointing many, he has surprised faithful believers that he was a fossil: not only is it a fossil, but it is the brain of a dinosaur.

It was the renowned fossil collector Jamie Hiscoks who found this fossil almost two decades ago in the London town. Now a team of scientists from Britain and Australia have discovered that it is officially the first dinosaur brain fossil ever found.

According to the report published on the Univision website, this fossil has a date of 133 million years ago and experts suggest that it belongs to the Iguanodona herbivorous dinosaur from the Creaceous period.

The paleontologists who participated in the study used a scanning electron microscope and were surprised by the preservation of the fossil, that preserves the blood vessels and capillaries, the tissue of the cortex, the outer layer of the brain, and even the membrane that holds the brain in placethe meninges.

What happened to this dinosaur?

Scientists believe that the Iguanodon, owner of this brain, fell into a deep swamp from which it could not get out and over time its head was buried under the sediments.

It is likely that this scenario has allowed fossil conservationby stagnant water, low-oxygen acids, and minerals in the place where the herbivore ended up.

Interestingly, the dinosaur’s meninges and brain structure were similar to those of today’s birds and crocodiles, according to high-resolution scans. Experts add that the Iguanodon was as intelligent as modern crocodiles.

The Guardian News YouTube channel shared images of the fossil in a video.

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