Comedian Talks About the Joys of Having a Baby With Another Version of Herself


Comedian Julie Nolke, who on occasion visits her beyond self from the prevailing among different matters, engaged in a verbal exchange with every other version of herself (now named Lisa) approximately Lisa’s new baby. At first, Julie had no choice to talk about the baby but felt that she needed to due to social norms. Lisa changed into exceptional speaking about different matters.

 Julie: Guess we gotta communicate approximately the child

Lisa: Or we are able to communicate approximately different things.

J: No, it’s no longer socially suitable. So we’ll talk about the toddler. Is it slumbering thru the night time? And how an awful lot does he eat? Poop consistency, blah, blah, blah.

L: Yes, those are all matters I actually have an opinion on.

As soon as they ran out of polite verbal exchange, Lisa introduced out the toddler and positioned him into Julie’s hands. Julie became amazed by means of her response to the toddler.

Julie: I wanna squeeze him.

Lisa: I know.

J: Why do I wanna squeeze him?

L: I don’t understand, it doesn’t make experience. Smell him.

J: What?

L: Just odor him, trust me.

J: Oh, what is that?

L: Baby scent.

J: Oh my God, that’s intoxicating…I need one. ..I want one so bad. Oh, what’s going on?

L: I don’t recognise, it’s a biological component, I wager.

Comedian Talks About the Joys of Having a Baby With Another Version of Herself

Nolke and comedian Ryan George additionally amusingly portrayed the primary couple to ever have a baby.

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