A Haunting Instrumental Played on a Unique Custom Lap Steel Guitar Made From a Barometer


Talented musician Justin Johnson carried out a gorgeously haunting original instrumental that he named “Voices From the Attic” on an equally terrifi custom lap metallic guitar built by means of magician and luthier Charles Atchison. The instrument combines a century-antique barometer and a conventional acoustic guitar, both of which give the device a rich baritone sound.

The body of this lap metallic changed into a one hundred+ year-antique barometer. The neck came from an antique Johnson-emblem acoustic guitar. The pickup floats about an inch above the metallic soundboard on a magnetic housing, and can freely flow linearly between the neck and bridge, which allows for tonal adjustments (much like a tone knob). It’s additionally strung with thick baritone guitar strings, which adds even greater mojo to the low, mournful, creepy voice.

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