VetCT trialing Smart Glasses for Veterinary Care in the UK


Smart Glasses VetCT

VetCT has introduced that they may be trailing using smart glasses in veterinary care inside the UK and they were the usage of Google Glass for the trial.

The business enterprise is using Google Glass in consultations with animals and then the footage from the clever glasses is streamed immediately to a remote crew of experts at VetCT.

Images from the Google Glasses were live-streamed from the medical crew at Pennard Vets, Sevenoaks, to a far off group of specialists from VetCT. Higher resolution snap shots from a cellular cellphone digicam had been additionally streamed for evaluation. The far off VetCT specialist turned into able to view each and remotely report, zoom, alter lighting, annotate and send snap shots lower back for the wearer of the glasses to view. They have been also in a position to talk about the case stay with crew within the clinic.

Vet CT Director and Innovation Lead, Julien Labruyère says, “We have a splendid aid of professional knowledge and information within our global group and are constantly exploring new ways to offer guide to veterinary groups. This first step we have taken with Google Glass marks the start of an exciting adventure to make smart glasses technology useful to help vets in local practices.

This is a unique way to apply smart glasses and it is going to be exciting to see what the outcomes of the trial are and whether this technology may be used to assist animals in the destiny.

Source VetCT

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