Inofia Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress Review – A better opportunity to a blow-up bed


My previous mattress reviews had been for king-sized memory foam mattresses as part of my by no means-finishing quest to enhance my sleep which could additionally improve my health and fitness.

The Inofia is a visitor mattress that works as an opportunity to a blow-up mattress or one of these ugly old school folding beds. I had taken into consideration buying a sofa bed, but they seem to be notoriously uncomfortable, and it’s miles a faff having to make the bed for a visitor.


  • Inofia Triple Folding Mattress could be without problems folded up and stored area-saving for later use, that is a exceptional alternative for the relaxation of the guests or during the journey. Foldable mattress measures 190 X a hundred and twenty X 15cm whilst it flat whilst folded measures 63 X 120 X 45cm.
  • Inofia trifold reminiscence foam bed is made from a CertiPUR certified 4cm memory foam and an 11cm thick high-density foam, that can relieve strain factors to help you boom the greatest stage of consolation.
  • Breathable bamboo-fiber cowl in each the ventilative mesh aspects and the porous foam allows air to flow through freely to help launch moisture and keep the temperature down to regulate your sleep weather.
  • Durable cover, knitting-cloth & company-sewing, protects the froth interior from getting wiped out or damaged.
  • All Inofia mattresses offer a a hundred-night time trial and a 5-12 months guarantee.


The Inofia mattress is like another reminiscence foam bed. It arrives vacuum packed, internal a cardboard container which makes the logistics of promoting mattresses on line a lot easier.

The package would not weigh too much; Amazon listing the bed as weighing ‎7.Seventy six kg. Once you dispose of it from the container you may need to use the covered package establishing to slice open the plastic and infold the mattress.

Over the following few mins, the mattress will start to increase into its full length. The version I bought is only 15cm thick, so the expansion is much less remarkable than your ordinary reminiscence foam mattresses, that are normally 25cm+. During the unboxing, I did not small any off-gassing, that is commonplace with this kind of mattress.


Initial impressions were not fantastic. The Amazon pictures display a nice, flawlessly shaped bed when folded out, whereas, in reality, it seemed like three reminiscence foam sections loosely joined collectively with a mattress cowl.

As the mattress accelerated, it did fill out the mattress cover, and it does fold out to be quite a flat, comfy mattress.

Due to the manner it folds, one of the mattress sections has quite a big gap in it, with the cloth joining the middle segment at the floor stage. On the alternative stop of the bed, the material runs flat across the pinnacle. This gave the look of it would be annoying with the potential for the bed segments to drag apart when asleep. However, it is not too awful, I stored the section with the distance for my decrease half of whilst my higher frame become on the smoother segment.

Using a tightly outfitted backside sheet must help keep away from the decrease section setting apart, but I failed to notice even with a looser outfitted sheet.

The stop end result turned into a fairly secure nights sleep. It’s a great deal higher than any blow-up bed I have used, but it’s miles a long way off the comfort of a proper mattress.


I sold the 15cm small double, so it takes up pretty a chunk of space, but lots less than the mattress I used to maintain pushing up in opposition to my wall. You should perhaps squeeze it right into a huge cupboard, however in truth, you’ll should discover a room which you do not mind preserving it in.

Price and Alternative Options

The 15cm small double I bought has an RRP of £219.Ninety nine. I offered it for £169.06, which is also its price on the time of writing.

A single 10CM thick bed is currently £109.56.

Milliard does a selection of tri-fold mattresses which I suspect could be equal to this. They have a ten cm single for £109.Ninety nine and a 15cm double (135cm huge) for £174.Ninety nine.

Milliard also do a folding mattress that becomes a seat/sofa whilst folded up. This is £117.Ninety nine for a unmarried and £164.Ninety nine for a double.

The cheapest choice I can discover is from Bobby’s Bedware, which is a unmarried and turns in a seat for £sixty two.Ninety nine.


The Inofia bed isn’t always pretty the correct solution I had hoped for, but it’s far nonetheless the high-quality alternative I actually have located. At the cease of the day, brief/guest beds are in no way going to be tremendously secure.

Storage is an problem, however it takes up a great deal much less space than a day bed or folding bed. I have to be capable of squeeze this into my box room.

I assume this will additionally paintings well in a campervan or other alternative dwelling preparations. When folded up it might make a great makeshift sofa.

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