Mars once had so much water that it could be the first planet in the Solar System to have life, a study reveals


Mars is undoubtedly the planet that has been most explored in the history of humanity, taking out the Earth, obviously. The planetary neighbor is the closest thing we have to our world within the Solar System.

Rovers, space probes and observations from Earth reveal a lot of information about the red planet. The focus of science is on knowing the past and, most importantly, the future of Mars.

In this sense, everyone seems to agree that Mars had water in the past. The footprints on its extensive land are the most accurate proof of this fact. However, what seems to be in doubt is the quantity.

This is not a minor fact, because knowing this information could reveal if there was life on Mars in its past. In fact, astronomy wants to know if there was life in this world before or if it is on the way to being the ideal planet for the development of life as we know it.

Water: the secret to deciphering life on Mars

According to what the DW portal reviews, a recent study reveals that Mars had oceans with depths of at least 300 meters. The information from this research suggests that the red planet was the first to have life in the Solar System.

They explain that this would have happened approximately 4,500 million years ago, just before Mars suffered the impact of asteroids and meteorites that seriously affected its surface and atmosphere.

The data suggests depths were at least 300 meters, but could have been as deep as 1 kilometer.

To reach this conclusion, the experts analyzed the remains of a meteorite that presumably came from the original crust of Mars.

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