VR Sculptor Prints Full-Size 3D Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton


If you ever dreamed of having a tyrannosaurus rex in the patio of your house and if it is not covered, there is a brilliant way to have the most iconic of bipedal carnivores in the present. It wouldn’t be alive, of course, but imagine entertaining and seeing a 40-foot-tall 3D-printed T-Rex in your yard.

Simon Clark is a virtual reality sculptor, not yet as famous as he will be very soon, but the fact that he created a full-size tyrannosaurus skeleton It gives you a lot of chances to make yourself known.

As a report published on the Teche Blog website explains, Clark 3D printed this life-size tyrannosaurus specimen after making smaller T-Rex skeletons in 2020, which he put up for sale.

Thanks to that first experience, this full-size model will be museum-quality, for all the past and history that revolves around the iconic tyrannosaurus.

T Rex 3D

How did you design it?

Simon Clark used the software SculptrVR for the initial design, but now he’s using Shapelab, Blender, and then Masterpiece Motion to animate it.

This project has required 165 pounds, the equivalent of 75 kilograms of 3D printing filamentwhich costs around $20-50 per pound for standard material or up to $120 for specialized engineering or support filaments.

T Rex 3D

In an interview with the UploadVR website, Clark stated: “If people can’t have, or don’t have VR, what better way to put it (the T-Rex) in the real world so that people can actually see it?

We’re still in the early days of this whole creativity side of VR development. It’s just getting better every year”, he expressed.

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