These are the three biggest threats in space that could destroy Earth


Since the beginning of space research, scientists and astronomers from NASA and other space agencies have studied the chances that some threat in space could destroy Earth. It seems ominous, but the investigations have been necessary to understand what we could face in the future.

In this opportunity, we will explain in detail the three biggest threats that could be caused by space objects and that they would star in scenarios in which our planet would be devastated.

Impact against the Andromeda galaxy

Although Andromeda is 2.5 million light years from Earth, as a report published on the El Clarín website explains, it is the largest galaxy in our Solar System and is on a trajectory that worries scientists: it’s headed straight for the Milky Way.

The worst thing about the direction of the Andromeda galaxy is that, imminently, at some point in our history it will impact our galaxy and, just before it does, it will take over the night sky.

Fortunately for this and future generations, this event will occur within about 3,000, 4,000 or 5,000 million years.


mega kite

In 2021, the appearance of the largest comet in history, C/2014 UN271, was recorded. with 137 kilometers in diameter, a huge, icy nucleus, and a mass 100,000 times that of an average comet. Its size earned it the status of minor planet.

For the fortune of the Earth, the forecasts of the astronomers indicate that this mega-comet It will not come closer than 1,600 million kilometers to our planet when it makes its closest approach in 2031.

Can more comets come later that put the future of humanity at risk? Science does not yet have the answer.

mega kite

great sun storm

Could the Earth be destroyed by a huge solar storm? Experts assure that the planet’s magnetic field and insulating atmosphere keep us extremely well protectedeven from the most powerful solar flares.

What can cause a solar storm is to putsatellites and communication systems such as radars are at riskbut the most damaging radiation is absorbed in the sky long before it touches human skin. The most serious thing that could happen would be a global shutdown of internet services.

For example, the most powerful geomagnetic storm in modern history, the Carrington Event, occurred in 1859, long before the advent of the Internet. If a storm of its magnitude is repeated, we would be facing a blackout that could last for monthsbut the odds are very low.

Solar storm
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