NASA: So you can see live the crash of the DART spacecraft against the asteroid Dimorphos (+ schedules for Latin America)


An asteroid in the crosshairs, a terrestrial ship goes with everything against it: the POT will crash your dart ship against the asteroid Dimorphos this Monday, September 26, in an Earth defense test.

The crash will happen 11 million kilometers from our planet, but the US aerospace agency will show images on its official YouTube channel.

dart means Double Asteroid Redirection Test: The ship will seek to change the course of the asteroid, which does not represent any danger to Earth.

Dimorphos is part of the binary system of asteroids Didymos, which also gives the name to the companion of the first. The size of the DART target is 160 meters.

The objective of NASA’s DART Mission

According to NASA, the DART research team will compare the kinetic impact results of DART with Dimorphos with highly detailed computer simulations of kinetic impacts on asteroids.

“The mission will show that a spacecraft can autonomously navigate to a kinetic impact on an asteroid on a collision course with Earth if one is ever discovered,” says the US Aerospace Agency.

DART is a box with dimensions of 1.2 x 1.3 x 1.3 meters, from which other structures extend that give it a final size of 1.8 meters wide, 1.9 meters long and 2.6 meters high.

This is how the collision of the NASA spacecraft against the asteroid Dimorphos will occur

This ship has two very large solar panels 8.5 meters long each. It will crash into Dimorphos at 6.1 kilometers per second, with an impact weight of 570 kilograms.

The ship is being shipped by the Johns Hopkins APL, belonging to the university of the same name, for NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office. It is the first test mission of its kind.

The schedules for Latin America of the clash of DART with Dimorphos

NASA will have his YouTube channel all the details of the collision of the DART spacecraft with the asteroid Dimorphos. The proposed time is 7:14 p.m. Eastern time in the United States.

These are the schedules for Latin America of the DART clash with Dimorphos:

  • 7:14 p.m. Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama.
  • 8:14 p.m. Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay.
  • 9:14 p.m. Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil.
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