NASA Artemis I mission: Hydrogen leaks persist in the SLS, there is still no certainty of a soon launch to the Moon


The Artemis I Mission of the POT remains unable to solve the technical problem of hydrogen leaks in the SLS megarocket, although the agency indicates that the objectives of the cryogenic demonstration test were met. The flight for next Tuesday is not yet guaranteed.

“A lot of people are scratching their heads,” said Derrol Nail, of launch control, quoted by the AP.

According to the AP, the dangerous hydrogen fuel began to leak at the same place and at the same time, despite the new seals and other repairs. NASA engineers stopped the flow, heating the lines in hopes of plugging the leak.

This persisted before falling to levels considered acceptable.

But then another leak surfaced elsewhere.

The NASA pointed out that the four main objectives of the demo included:

  1. Assess repair to address hydrogen leak identified in previous launch attempt.
  2. Load propellants into rocket tanks with new procedures.
  3. Perform boot purge.
  4. Test pre-pressurization.

“The new cryogenic loading procedures and ground automation,” according to the US Aerospace Agency, “are designed to change temperatures and pressures slowly during tanking to reduce the likelihood of leaks that could be caused by rapid changes in temperature. temperature or pressure.

Date changes on NASA’s Artemis I Mission

Initially launching NASA’s Artemis I Mission was scheduled for August 29, but hydrogen leaks forced its suspension. She moved to early September, with the same result.

Subsequently it was rescheduled for September 27, although the problems persist. The date may change again.

NASA’s Artemis Program seeks to land the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2025, on the SLS megarocket and Orion spacecraft. The first phase, the Artemis I Mission, is unmanned, except for three dummies that will probe the effects of radiation in the orbit of the Moon; for the second, the designated astronauts will travel only to the vicinity of the satellite.

Only until Artemis III the astronauts They will step on the surface of the Moon.

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