Study: a super-intelligent Artificial Intelligence would be impossible for humans to control in the not-so-distant future


The revenge of the machines in The Simpsons and the violent actions of the Sentinels in X-Men: Days of Future Past. These are two examples in which fiction shows us how the digital age turned against humanity and drove it almost completely towards extinction.

A study carried out by scientists specialized in digital technology maintains that, although it would not destroy us, a super smart artificial intelligence it would be impossible for humans to control.

We see Artificial Intelligence replicated more frequently every day. Computerized methods that perform work through machine learning are the mechanisms for which the future is preparing us.

Finding a cure for a disease, developing software for the delivery of a product, installing a robot that can take you and deliver an order in a restaurant and even painting a work of art are part of the features that are being developed by Intelligence Artificial.

super smart artificial intelligence

The problem that the experts who developed this study find is that Artificial Intelligence works with machine learning to find a solution that would take the human mind longer to arrive at.

So this digital mechanism is moving faster and at any moment it could leave us behind to the point where it is uncontrollable for humanity.

Says part of the study: “A superintelligence is multifaceted and therefore potentially capable of mobilizing a diversity of resources to achieve goals that are potentially incomprehensible to humans, let alone controllable.”

Science Alert reports that one possibility that researchers are considering is to integrate an Artificial Intelligence with an algorithm that prevents a machine from harming a human or the planet.

However, developing this level of mathematics for now is impossible. In addition, it would be very complex to make a robot understand this and would limit its functions.

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