The alarming number of asteroids surrounding our planet exposed in a NASA app


die from asteroid impact is a possibility that exists for the species that live on Earth. It is, perhaps, one of the greatest fears of scientists who specialize in astronomy. They demonstrate it with the constant monitoring they carry out on the rocks that surround our planet.

About 10,000 space rocks move over the expanse of our world. Some, if not the vast majority, are really small. And if they happen to enter our atmosphere, they will surely turn to dust before stepping on our surface.

While others -the smallest percentage- are large enough to cause damage. The presence of these rocks is analysed, detailed and studied by scientists at the POT.

How much? Well, there is an application called “Eyes on the Solar System” that shows each of the components identified by the space agency, which inhabit our Solar System.

Activate capable of asteroids

The application is a software that shows each of the objects that NASA has managed to identify in our Solar System. It is the decision of the user who owns it, what he wants to see on his screen. They could choose the planets option, the moons option, or maybe the asteroids option.

If you activate this last option, you should know that you are going to overload your screen and perhaps you are going to unlock a fear due to the exaggerated amount of rocks that could pose a threat to our existence.

However, as NASA always says: the possibility of such a rock hitting our planet is in a very small percentage.

So if you decide to download one of these applications, do it with the intention of learning more about astronomy and the mysteries that are hidden in the depths of the cosmos.

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