Unusual fireball crossed the UK sky: Meteor or Elon Musk’s space junk?


The activity that takes place around our planet is constant due to the multiple natural processes that occur in the vicinity of space borders. They increase with the presence of space agencies and their Earth orbit experiments.

There is so much activity that we have reached the point of confusing ourselves when it is a natural event or the influence of man on the sky that we see daily.

Proof of this is what happened in various locations in the United Kingdom. dwellers of Scotland, Ireland of the North and the top of the map England they saw an unusual ball of fire streak across the sky.

The first thing that would come to mind is that it is a shooting star. Another immediate possibility is that it is a meteorite that managed to cross the atmosphere in a solid state, before turning to dust.

But after the analyzes of the experts, it was determined that what happened in the skies of the United Kingdom was space debris from Starlink, one of Elon Musk’s companies.

The fireball over the UK

The digital medium Ecoosfera publishes that the UK Meteor Network reported that the strange event was seen in the sky for about 20 seconds. Around 800 reports were generated from the three areas of Great Britain from which the phenomenon was sighted.

Videos abound on the Internet showing how an object breaks apart as it descends from the sky.

What we are seeing right now is a Starlink satellitewhich should have actually gone out of orbit or re-entered the atmosphere today, but it may have gone out of orbit a little earlier,” said John Mclean, an astronomer with the Meteor Network, according to the cited portal.

Mclean sentences this by the speed that the object reached: between 40 and 48 thousand kilometers per hour. That’s slow when compared to meteorites or asteroids, which enter our orbit faster than 75,000 miles per hour.

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