The Sun is not yellow: What is its true color according to NASA?


the sun is not yellow. A statement that can ruin even the childhood of the children who painted the colossal star in that color. But the reality is that, according to NASA, that is not the true color of the star.

The renowned ex-astronaut of the US space agency, Scott Kelly, has been in charge of confirming what the true color of the Sun is and has done so through Twitter.

Kelly quoted a tweet from an account called Latest in space who wrote: “Spatial fact: The Sun is actually white, but appears yellow due to Earth’s atmosphere”.

The expert’s response was as follows:I can confirm this fact spacehe”.

Why does the Sun look yellow?

A Times Now News report explains that due to our environment, the Sun appears yellow. However, once outside Earth’s atmosphere, it appears white, largely by the way our eyes perceive color.

Like the amount of sunlight just saturates the photoreceptor cells in our eyes, causing all the colors to mix together, we cannot perceive a single color of the Sun. When all the colors of light are mixed, the result is white. As a result, the star appears yellow on Earth but white in space.


According to NASA, Earth’s atmosphere also influences the Sun’s color, as we lose some of the star’s blue hues when sunlight passes through the atmosphere.a because shorter wavelength blue light is scattered more effectively than longer wavelength red light.

Also, all observable wavelengths of light traveling through our atmosphere are dimmedso light entering our eyes does not instantly fill the cone receptors.

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