17-year-old student developed an Artificial Intelligence to detect elephant poachers


The biggest threat to the flora and fauna of our planet remains the irresponsible presence of humans. Poaching of animals is one of the main causes of endangered species.

Government, social and independent movements mobilize for the largest and most important nature reserves in the world.

They separate localities, carry out monitoring and work day and night to avoid the presence of hunters and yet there are still cases of capture of protected animals.

Elephants and rhinos are perhaps the most sought after for the ivory in their horns. But other species like tigers, jaguars, gorillas, other types of primates and even zebras suffer the consequences of this practice, which remains illegal.

There are mechanisms that use technology to detect and capture poachers. But none had shown such a high level of precision as the development of an Artificial Intelligence carried out by a 17-year-old student.

Artificial intelligence to prevent poaching

The name of the person responsible for this innovative mechanism is Anika Puri, an American high school student. Her Artificial Intelligence consists of software that analyzes the movement patterns of people and elephants with thermal cameras.

The program manages to differentiate the footprint of animals with that of people and through an automatic learning system it emits its alarms. It has an accuracy of 91 percent, reports the Ecoosfera portal

The initiative of this young entrepreneur appeared while walking through a popular market in India. There she saw how ivory was still being traded and she felt that she should do something.

“I was quite taken aback because I always thought, ‘Well, poaching is illegal, how is it really still such a big problem?’” said the young student.

He studied the pre-existing systems, compared them and now he wants to add this tool that is not here to replace it, he just wants to improve the mechanisms that are already working.

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