UFO: Video of train of lights in the sky goes viral in India and unleashes theories about aliens


The phenomenon UFO It is a matter of obsession and fascination for a large part of the scientific community and Internet users on the web. This is something that has been made more noticeable recently thanks to the appearance of video material and photos that mark the existence of something apparently inexplicable.

In the most recent case we have the history of the community of Uttar Pradeshnorth of India, where citizens have reported a series of alleged sightings.

However, it is necessary to remember that this nation does not exactly have an impeccable record when it comes to its behavior and reaction to this phenomenon.

There we have as a sad and funny example the case of last year 2020, when an alleged UFO caused terror in the population until they discovered that it was an Iron Man-shaped balloon.

Now, in the most recent case, reports have gone viral due to the appearance of a train of lights in the sky, but here the explanation could be more complex.

The UFO seen in India could be related to Elon Musk

According to a report from SputnikNewsResidents of Uttar Pradesh in northern India spotted a mysterious trail of lights in the night sky on Monday, September 12, 2022.

In parallel, several citizens in the areas of Shravasti, Hardoi, Lucknow and Kanpur shared videos and photos of this phenomenon on social networks, which caused a strong wave of rumors about the appearance of this mysterious unidentified flying object (UFO):

The first video became relatively viral in the region and this even triggered other users to begin connecting dots and building theories with other events where a train of lights was observed in the sky.

Where for example in December last year, a similar line of bright and flickering lights was seen in the night sky in the Pathankot area of ​​Punjab.

But at that time it was confirmed that what was seen in the sky was a satellite, while here everything seems to indicate that it would be a sighting of Elon Musk’s satellite network of his Starlink internet company.

What is the evidence to support this assumption? the tons of similar reports accumulated in recent weeks in different parts of the world where the company tests. From Barcelona, ​​Spain to Coahuila, Mexico.

Where exactly the same type of train of lights is displayed and it ends up being just a satellite internet network test.

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