The new threat of artificial intelligence: biological weapons more deadly than ever


Knowing artificial intelligence improved and streamlined a lot of processes in new technologies. Have a mechanism that performs an automatic study based on data and thereby delivering a solution is simply an advance for science.

However, technological advances are not always a positive thing. An artificial intelligence in the wrong hands is capable of causing a catastrophic event, according to what several members of the North American security warn.

It is possible that they are developing biological weapons with artificial intelligence, is what the US authorities warn.

An event of this caliber is as deadly as the fall of an asteroid, the eruption of many volcanoes at the same time, the launching of nuclear bombs or a sudden change in the global climate order.

A biological weapon is a disease spread throughout the world with no immediate cure. If we already saw what caused the covid-19 pandemic We know how vulnerable we are to a threat of this caliber.

Biological weapons with artificial intelligence

“Biological warfare is something we don’t talk about much. It’s going to make it possible for (terrorist groups and states) to take the big databases on how biology works and use them to generate things that harm human beings,” says Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, who was co-chairman of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence of the US Government, according to El Confidencial.

Artificial intelligence came to change everything. If it is able to generate a cure for a disease, until now untreatable, a study suggests that it also develops the ability to know every detail in the proteins of human beings and thus know how to harm.

A prediction of the United States military components carried out a theoretical experiment in which a tool such as artificial intelligence can produce a biological weapon in six hours that is lethal to an entire city.

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