NASA sets new date for attempted launch of Artemis I mission to the Moon


A few days ago we witnessed a moment as unexpected as it was frustrating in the recent history of the space exploration missions of the POT with the Artemis I mission.

It was precisely at the beginning of September when the space agency was forced to suspend for the second consecutive time its scheduled launch of the first ship that would officially start this project that has the ultimate goal of taking man back to the Moon.

However, the launch of the Artemis I mission was canceled once again after a new series of problems with the fuel loading system emerged.

NASA technicians early detected a problem with the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket during fuel loading, causing a leak of liquid hydrogen and it was impossible to repair it before the window was exhausted. launch.

But it seems that now everything is ready to try again.

Third time’s a charm: NASA announces new date for Artemis I

Through a post on his official blog NASA has revealed its intentions to make a new launch attempt for its Artemis I mission for next Tuesday, September 27, 2022.

Anyone would think that the new date has been established after consolidating everything and fixing the problems presented previously. But that is not the exact scenario.

The Artemis mission team together with the other NASA engineers had previously pointed to September 23 as the tentative date for the launch, but in the end everything projected has been covered by four days.

So the space agency is still working on fixing a problem with the rocket’s Space Launch System, or SLS. Exactly the same section that had generated conflicts in previous attempts.

In the latest failure, a leak was detected in the system as it was being fueled with liquid hydrogen at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Sept. 3 within minutes of the rocket’s launch.

Now, in theory, according to the agency, the repair of the SLS would have been complete a couple of days ago.

But it is still necessary to carry out tests on the liquid hydrogen supply system this coming September 17.

To this we must add the cryogenic test that has been carried out until September 21. So there is even a frank possibility that the launch attempt will be moved to October.

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