Video shows how engineer puts an exoskeleton on a snake to give it legs


Snakes are fascinating reptiles and on more than one occasion they have been commissioned to star in a video that goes viral on the web.

But rarely that fame on the web is detonated because some crazy person made the decision to turn these beings into futuristic robots with exoskeletons.

Yet that’s exactly what just happened in a frankly disturbing, but also very interesting video.

Where we are shown how technology has advanced while access to it has improved, so that now a deadly youtuber can create a functional exoskeleton with legs for a snake.

Everything, with the supposed purpose of providing a python with those legs that in theory it should have developed today.

Many will think that this is a work that looks to the future if evolution did its job faster by adapting the anatomy of this being.

Although, the reality is that it does 95 million years It would have been the other way around and the snakes of that time actually did have legs. So this exoskeleton actually constitutes a reckoning.

The video of the snake with legs

The engineer and youtuber Allen Pan, the person responsible behind the channel Sufficiently Advancedjust shared a disturbing video right there not long ago, under the title of giving snakes there legs back (Giving back their legs to the snakes).

There we see how Pan shares with us the evolution of this strange project where he starts from the concern of seeing if his idea would work and ends up executing it, creating an exoskeleton for snakes:

“I feel bad for them. The snakes lost their legs and no one is trying to find them except me.”

Allen Pan shows in his video with millions of views how he uses a transparent tube as a base, to adapt a system made up of robotic legs to the sides.

Obviously it takes more than one failed attempt to achieve the goal, as running a system of four legs connected to motors via a laptop requires a lot of tweaking.

But in the end, everything worked out well in theory, so the engineer ends up visiting a snake breeder who agrees to lend him a python to test the exoskeleton.

The result is downright fascinating, as we can see how the reptile seems to instantly adapt to walking on its new legs.

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