They develop in Venezuela an electric car that works with solar energy so as not to depend on gasoline


Augusto Pradelli, a man of Italian roots, is a filmmaker, restaurant owner, and racing car enthusiast living in Venezuela. Combining his knowledge with science, has developed a car that runs on solar energy.

Interestingly, this electric vehicle it is an adaptation of a golf cartcreated so as not to depend on gasoline, which when the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and its variants were most intense, was scarce in the city of Maracaibo, capital of the oil-producing state of Zulia.

According to the report published in AM Querétaro, Pradelli wanted his food establishment to survive the health contingency: “I needed to go shopping to keep my business active and open. The first thing I did was modify a golf cart that was given to me”.

In an interview with AFP, he said: “In practice it serves a small family, because it can carry four people and a load of up to 100 kiloss”.

car specifications

The car, black with blue lightning, first used rechargeable batteries for electrical power, but since electrical service is also an issue where you live, Pradelli opted for solar panels.

Augusto Pradelli

The final prototype is a hybrid vehicle that can pass, as its driver decides, from fuel to electricity and from electricity to solar energy.

The businessman has the dream of producing them from scratch in Venezuela and assures that he has investors interested in financing the project if he meets the requirements.

In terms of maintenance, it is simple, since it does not have a carburetor or an alternator. In addition, although they are small, “no matter how fragile they look, if you crash you are not going to kill yourself,” says the manufacturer.

The only thing Pradelli has against him is that the vehicle would not be economical: it would cost between 5,000 and 7,500 dollarsthe average value of a used car in that country.

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