Quantity and quality: Mexican scientist offers details of her robot prototype that turns air into water


A prototype robot that transforms air into water is already an innovative invention that defies the rules of nature, since the process in which environment develops in reverse.

That was what the Mexican engineer and scientist achieved Vita Gabriela Galindo, who we talked about a couple of weeks ago in a review that highlighted the benefits of this surprising mechanism.

However, there are some doubts about this robot prototype that have to be clarified. They expose the positive and what needs to be improved about the conversion of air to the liquid state, vital for the development of life on our planet.

The scarcity of water is the first problem against which this robotic mechanism intends to fight and of course win.

But, for now, certain adjustments are needed related to the quantity and quality of the water produced by Vita Galindo’s invention.

Vita Gabriela Galindo

Water quality and quantity

The robot has filters integrated, but it still does not have the certification of the potability of the water. That is, it is not suitable or at least authorized for human consumption.

However, according to the same Mexican scientist, her robot represents a step forward in the fight against water scarcity.

“I am looking for a laboratory to do an exam to certify that the water is drinkable. It does not solve the problem, but it can help”, said Galindo. “The cost has not been defined, since as it is a prototype it is trial and error, a friend lent me money to be able to do it,” he stressed.

Vita explains that this process would be able to produce 35 liters of drinking water in a single day. The expert has defined her proposal as a “grain of sand”, in the midst of the water crisis that exists in the state of Nuevo León in Mexico.

The robotics engineer adds that the creation of this robot arises from the problems that the state is going through.

“It took me a month and a half to make the robot.” Greater investment would make Vita Gabriela develop a plan to build a robot on a larger scale with the ability to increase the production of water from the air.

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