Crungus and Loab: two viral monsters created by an artificial intelligence more disturbing than Slender Man


Gone are the days when monsters emerged from the collective imagination or creepypastas. Now the origin of our nightmares seems to have its origin in artificial intelligence platforms: this is the story of Crungus and Loab.

We have seen how in recent years a curious fixation has developed for using this type of systems to conceive and develop elaborate images that were previously impossible to conceive.

The Japanese have long marveled at the potential of artificial intelligence to generate hyper-realistic versions of their most emblematic characters from manga and anime, such as Knights of the Zodiac.

But on this side of the West it seems that the mentality is different, since a curious trend has begun to develop, where these systems are being used to generate unexpected but very disturbing monsters.

This is how Crungus and Loab were born thanks to a different artificial intelligence in each case

A few days ago the rolling stone shared with us the story of one of the web’s latest viral sensations: Loab, a monster that was mysteriously created.

Broadly speaking, apparently a user, named @Supercomposite in his social networks, he was playing with the artificial intelligence of Stable Diffusion, applying some negative prompting exercises to generate concrete images excluding specific attributes.

So he then used artificial intelligence to generate an image under the terms “DIGITA PNTICS skyline logo::-1″ and what he got was a monster where in one of the images the word “Loab” could be clearly read:

This was only the beginning of the nightmare, as other users began to use artificial intelligence systems to mix ordinary images with Loab’s portrait generated by the platform to give rise to even more disturbing images as something out of a nightmare.

The first experiment of this type was carried out by @SuperComposite itself and the results are so harsh that Twitter censors the image:

This is how Loab has gone viral in recent days, but it is not the only case. We also have the story of Crungus, a monster from the imagination of the Artificial Intelligence DALL-E Mini.

In this case, the anecdote of his birth is simpler and more direct, the product of an apparent coincidence. For the same reason, the whole thing is just as disturbing.

Since it all started a few months ago when an American streamer named Guy Kelly, better known as brainmage, had the idea of ​​asking the AI ​​to give him a portrait of something called Crungus:

In the end, DALL-E Mini generated a portrait of an unknown monster that apparently had no prior record of its existence.

But now, at this point, if you use the platform to generate variations of that monster with that name, it seems that they have been perfecting its details.

Although here everything seems to be explained by a fixation of the platform to create monsters if a word that ends in “rungus” is used:

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