Roman, the next NASA telescope that will be more powerful than the James Webb


With the Hubble and Webb telescopes active, showing us the wonders of the universe, the POT is already working on the development of its next space telescope and it already has a name: the Roman.

Named for Nancy Grace Roman, one of the scientists who worked on the creation of Hubble, this upcoming instrument would be released in five yearsthat is, sometime in 2027.

According to a report published on the Urban Tecno website, this new telescope could make the Webb obsolete by offering technology that is even more adapted to today’s innovations.

The Roman Telescope Keys

this telescope its main objective will be the detection of new exoplanets. will have installed a primary mirror 2.4 meters in diameter, a technology already present in Hubble. However, its level of efficiency will be higher, since it will have with a field of view 100 times greater.

The two main keys to its potential launch are the Wide Field Instrument and the Coronagraph Instrument. The first of them will allow to catch more lightwhich will provide more information to researchers.

The second it will be focused on its ability to hide all kinds of details that have a brightness higher than desirable. In this way, it will be possible to detect bulky sets of land that would be burned by conventional images.

In addition, with the Roman telescope they will apply the microlens techniquewhich takes advantage of the way gravity causes space-time to bend.

For example, if a star passes in front of another, the gravity of the star in front will distort the light of the one behind, and in this way, if the foreground star has planets around it, they can be detected immediately. simplest way.

We will have to wait five years to await the launch of NASA’s new telescope that will offer us better images of space.

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