An artificial intelligence answers the question: “Who will dominate the world in the next 100 years?”


Four images served to Midjourney, a popular artificial intelligence tool, answered the question: “Who will rule the world in the next 100 years?” What was shown was disturbing, but let’s remember: it’s just an artificial intelligence.

Yes. Just an AI.

Midjourney defines itself as “an independent research laboratory that explores new means of thought and expands the imaginative powers of the human species. His “self-financed” work team focuses on design, human infrastructure and artificial intelligence.

artificial intelligence tool

He is in front of everything David Holtz, former NASA and Max Planck Institute researcher.

The tool offers, in a Beta version of the AI, a wide query range. The user adds to your Discord server, by entering a text preceded by the command “/imagine” in one of its channels.

Any question that is written to him, he will answer with four images.

GameStar’s test with artificial intelligence and the disturbing response

The portal gamestar wrote: “Who will rule the world in the next 100 years?” The hope was to get some picture of the leader or leaders of the century to come, from the point of view of robotics.

In an artistic tone, like futuristic paintings, the tool generated four images that focus on catastrophe, mass management and the possible extinction of the planet.


In the first image you see a nuclear explosion of enormous magnitude, while in the second (no doubt inspired by a classic photograph of Nazism), one sees a group of soldiers heading towards the horizon.


the third sample the increase in temperature of the Sun and the fourth, a group of people dressed in black walking towards a golden door with the Earth above it.


Let us remember that in the end the images obey the totalitarian and catastrophic nuance that can be given to the question “Who will dominate the world in the next 100 years?” Based on the development of programmed algorithms, artificial intelligence, Midjourney in this case, offers its answers.


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