After two failed attempts, NASA evaluates two new dates for the launch of Artemis I


A series of technical errors led to the failure of NASA’s first two attempts to launch the Artemis I mission, the first in the US space agency’s program to return to the Moon.

Now, the agency manages two dates to try the launch again: September 23 or 27, according to an official NASA statement published this Thursday, September 8.

The first failed attempt was recorded on August 29, when engineers discovered a problem with one of the Lunar Launch System’s rocket motors Space Station (SLS) shortly before liftoff at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Then, on September 3, the Artemis I mission was again postponed after a failure during fueling, resulting in a leak of liquid hydrogenjust as the experts were preparing for the launch.

NASA works to avoid another failure

Jim Free, associate administrator in NASA’s Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate, confirmed the possible launch windows in a video conference.

The option for September 23 would begin at 6:47 a.m. and would last for another two hours, while the option for September 27 would be scheduled for 11:37 a.m. and would continue for 70 minutes, according to the statements cited. on the Bio Bio website.

Nevertheless, the dates are conditioned to the results of the tests of next September 17when the engineers try to fill the first two stages of the SLS rocket with gasoline, after they make the corresponding repairs.

With Artemis I, which will have mannequins as crew members, NASA aims to test the capabilities of the SLS and the Orion spacecraft, before a trip with humans. After the first mission, in May 2024 the Artemis II mission will fly close to the satellite without landing, while Artemis III, to be carried out “not before 2025”, will be the final landing.

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