The Sun, as you have never seen it before: Reveal the most detailed images of the star’s surface


We have always imagined the Sun as that orange sphere, with yellow rays, throwing flares into space and illuminating our planet. But after seeing these new images of the star, our perspective will change forever.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope always makes headlines, but few know about the world’s most powerful solar telescope: the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST, for its acronym in English), indeed the one that has captured the most detailed photos of the surface of the huge star.

Simply called the Inouye Solar Telescope, this viewer is built on the Maui volcano, in Haleakalā, Hawaii, according to the report published on the Bío Bío website.

From the place where the telescope is located, experts carry out investigations of the center of the Solar System, including taking photographs such as those recently revealed.

The detailed images of the Sun

The DKIST managed to photograph the sun’s chromosphere which is generally invisible to the human eye and other telescopes and can only be seen briefly during solar eclipses.

pictures show the solar surface or the gaseous envelope of the Sunas astronomers prefer to describe it and that it is made up of inflamed hydrogen.


photos shared by the Twitter account of the National Solar Observatory (NSO) they correspond to the second of the three main layers of the solar atmosphere, which is located above the photosphere and below the corona, which is usually visible.


The yellow peaks that can be seen in the images they are fiery plasma that is flowing towards the coronaexplains the report.

The NSO adds that the photos were taken between June and August of this year and that they are part of a region of the Sun that is equivalent to 82,500 kilometers widewith a resolution of 18 kilometers.

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