NASA remasters and reveals images of the Moon taken on the Apollo missions


The landing of man on the Moon was NASA’s great space achievement of the 20th century. That July 20, 1969, the Apollo 11 mission allowed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin They became the first astronauts from the US space agency to set foot on the lunar surface.

The Apollo Program had several missions to achieve its purpose and many moments were captured in photographs, which have been remastered so that the current and future generations can see the details of our natural satellite in high definition.

Andy Saundersone of NASA’s leading digital image restoration experts, has published the book Apollo Remasteredwith the restorations of the most important photos of Apollo.

Quoted in the book, the remembered astronaut Charlie Duke, who was on the Apollo 16 mission, gave his opinion on the remastered images: “They are an exact representation of what I remember from my trip to the Moon on Apollo 16. These photos reveal very accurately what the Mon was really likea”.

According to the report published on the website of El Español, Saunders himself has made public some of the photographs, shared by IFLScience, such as this one of Russell Schwickartreflecting on his helmet the back of David Scott with the Earth in the background.

Russell Schweickart

the images remastered

After 50 years, someone has been able to remaster some photographs that are a treasure for NASA, protected at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Pixel for pixel, Saunders modernized the photos with today’s restoration technology, making the images look like they were taken today.

For example, in April 1972, Charlie Duke left a photo of his family on the Moon, a very emotional moment for him. This image was remastered and you can see the lamination and the lunar gray earth.

Duke family photo

To get an idea of ​​the work done by Saunders, the book includes a comparison of before and after photo of Armstrongvery excited after walking on the Moon.

Neil Armstrong

Other interesting images included in Apollo Remastered are Buzz Aldrin’s mythical selfie from 1966the first in space, and two wide shots of the lunar surface as they would have been taken in the present.

Buzz Aldrin
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