The Sun has new spots so big they could devour a planet


It is the core star of our planetary system, the Sun, it is full of mysteries and high-power phenomena that in one way or another impact here on Earth. Therefore, it is of interest to the POT and other entities the emergence of two new spots.

In a practical sense, the Sun, with its diameter of 1.3927 million kilometersIt is 100 times larger than our planet. So any event that occurs with the star is much more powerful, larger and potentially dangerous for Earth.

Although it is located 149.6 million kilometers of our planet, if something happens there sooner or later it somehow ends up impacting here.

For this reason, in recent times, the appearance of two solar “spots” has been a matter of obsession, which in the strict sense represents only a fraction of the surface of the star. But we must not consider that this star is huge.

A few days ago we reported that these spots had multiplied by 10 in their size growth, and everything indicates that the phenomenon continues.

What about sunspots

An extensive and very interesting report from our friends at National Geographic they relate and dimension the magnitude of this event.

Where part of the story of how a team of NASA scientists spotted this formation of two new swarms of sunspots with extraordinary dimensions.

What now, at this point, necessarily represents in the coming months the emergence of several “potentially harmful” solar storms for the Earth.

The Sun, at the bottom of the Earth, in this digital representation made by NASA.

The article collects several pieces of analysis from the scientific community that can help us measure the power of this phenomenon.

Highlighting in particular Tom Metcalfe’s piece for Live Science, where they confirm that recently detected sunspots are “So giant that they could swallow the entire Earth..

These masses, according to NASA, look black because they would be a much colder area than the rest of the Sun’s surface.

But that does not make them any more harmless, since it is in these spaces that the solar explosions that produce the dangerous geomagnetic storms emanate.

The bursts of this phenomenon would reach speeds greater than 3 million kilometers per hour. Fortunately, our planet is far enough away to be a serious threat.

It also has the “shell” of the geomagnetic field that covers the Earth itself. So solar storms and radiation from galaxies do not pose a danger, for now.

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