NASA gives away two Xbox games that help you increase your gamerscore and teach you about space research


NASA wants to motivate children and young people to have a space career. That is something that happens since the same space agency exists. Previously, one of the main strategies was to take the children to their facilities to amaze them with the progress of their research.

And although that is still a fairly effective method, it is not enough for the new generations. For this reason, the North American space agency gets fully into the digital platforms that children enjoy most frequently, video games.

It is in this sense that they launch two titles free of charge for Xbox Onewhich can be run without problems on newer consoles Xbox X and Series. According to what the portal Somos Xbox publishes, one is called Space Science Investigations and the other To the Moon and Beyond.

The two video games were developed by the IGOAL studio with the backing of NASA. In both cases, these are titles that aim to educate children about the widespread issues that the space agency carries out on the ISS and future projects that go beyond the Moon.

NASA video games on Xbox

Space Science Investigations puts you in a bind trying to dock an H-II (HTV) to the International Space Station. As you circle the ship above Earth’s orbit you can catch a glimpse of the vast depths of the Solar System.

The other video game, To the Moon and Beyond, is a single player card title. Your objective is to choose the necessary elements to create a space program that will be used for manned missions. So it is necessary to remember that you must create the ideal conditions for life in space.

To have access to the games you must have an active subscription in Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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