Happy Monday: three asteroids are approaching Earth today, September 5


The POT He hasn’t had one of his best weeks. We experienced it very recently with the evolution of its second attempt to launch the Artemis I mission.

What promised to be a victorious weekend became progressively more complicated, like a wheel snowball until it became a threat.

The fuel and hydrogen supply system ended up presenting a leak that canceled the takeoff again, after hours trying to repair a leak that had no sure solution before losing the launch window.

Until then everything was going wrong, but it can always get worse, because more or less at the same time the Space Agency ended up updating its Jet Propulsion Laboratory site to notify about the existence of three asteroids that are approaching Earth.

Is this a run of bad luck or a casual Monday threat? Here we tell you.

NASA detects three bodies approaching Earth

of site Next Five Asteroid It may not be well known, but in reality it has been around for a long time and it is even relatively fun.

Since there the Space Agency lists the celestial bodies that are relatively close to our planet and provides some data of general interest about their composition and size, taking reference measurements of daily life.

This is how we can imagine the dimensions of the next threat when NASA tells us if the asteroids in question are the size of a building or an airplane.

Now, in their most recent update, they have detected three space rocks that would come relatively close to our planet during this Monday, September 5, 2022:

  • 2022 RW: with 79 meters in diameter. Which will be 1,120,000 kilometers from the planet.
  • 2022 QJ7: with 25 meters in diameter. Which will be 5,670,000 kilometers from the planet.
  • 2022 QU5: 30 meters in diameter. Which will be 7,350,000 kilometers from the planet.

In itself, as we can see, the bodies are not exactly close to our planet, but the three formations curiously would be asteroids that circulate between the inner planets of the Solar System and that have been discovered just so far this year 2022.

An important fact to consider about the Next Five Asteroid site is that in reality all the ones that appear there do not represent a serious threat to our Earth.

It’s just that they run close to the neighborhood, relatively.

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