The Earth could be “expelled” from the Solar System, experts say


The Earth could be “expelled” from the Solar System and thus leave the planetary system after billions of years, according to different expert theories.

A Live Science report explains that, at some point, our planet could be moved away from its orbit through the action of a massive interstellar objectto fly through space and enter the Solar System, passing close to Earth.

In the flyby, as this encounter between the Earth and the object is known, they would exchange energy and imposed, which would disrupt the Earth’s orbitaccording to aerospace engineer and professor of space systems engineering Matteo Ceriotti, from the University of Glasgow.

If the object were fast, massive, and close enough, could project Earth into a directed escape orbit outside the Solar System. Chances are slim, but it’s not out of the question.

theoretically possible

Timothy Davis, Senior Lecturer in Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University, says it is theoretically possible that the Earth could be kicked out of the Solar System.


The expert explained that, although at this time the planets maintain stable orbits around the Sun, if there were an encounter with another star, the gravitational interactions of these bodies could perturb these orbitscausing Earth to be ejected from the Solar System.

In addition, there is another cosmic phenomenon called the collision with Andromedaon which astronomers have published different studies.

A titanic collision between our galaxy, the Milky Way, with the neighboring Andromeda galaxy, which will happen according to researchers within four billion years.

That collision will cause the stars to be thrown into different orbits around the new galactic center. According to the simulations, our Solar System and its component planets and bodies will be thrown much further from the galactic core, with as yet unknown consequences.

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