NASA suspends the launch of Artemis I to the Moon for the second time due to a serious problem


NASA’s Artemis I mission is one of the most important that the Space Agency has had in recent times, since it represents its return to the Moon.

There have been many obstacles overcome throughout these months, before, during and after the pandemic. But everything seemed ready to take off this unmanned mission.

However, on August 29, 2022, unexpectedly, the space agency ended up practically canceling the launch of the mission at the last minute.

On that occasion the countdown clock stopped at the 40-minute mark when engineers detected a serious problem with the number three engine in the core stage of the SLS rocket.

The team was unable to resolve the issue within the given release window. So they decided to postpone everything for this September 3, 2022, where a terrible story was repeated again.

What went wrong now in NASA’s second Artemis I launch attempt

According to a British newspaper report The Independentthe launch of the Artemis I mission was canceled once again after a new series of problems with the fuel loading system emerged.

The sore point is that all of this happened while the engineering team was getting everything ready again for the historic launch.

In theory everything was supposed to happen on Saturday afternoon. But NASA technicians early on detected a problem with the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket during fuel loading, causing it to leak liquid hydrogen.

This leak prevented the launch team from filling the propellant tank, so they spent hours trying to solve the problem.

The liquid hydrogen leak was detected very early in the quick disconnect cavity that feeds the rocket with hydrogen in the core stage engine section.

So the technicians tried heating the line to create an airtight seal, which worked temporarily, but eventually the leak started again.

For hours they tried every solution they could implement on the fly, even applying helium pressure, but it proved impossible and they missed the launch window again.

In the first attempt, more problems arose and multiple leaks were detonated when preparing the launch. But at that time a problem had arisen in this area.

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