Sandi, the innovative waterless toilet created by a 21-year-old student


The story of Sandi and Archie Read’s. This 21-year-old architecture student learned about the water problems that exist in African countries and decided create an innovative toilet that works without water.

Read is in his third year of studies at the University of Dundee, in Scotland, and has spent two years doing his professional internship in a sanitation company on the African continent, getting to know countries such as Kenya and Madagascar, the latter the one that motivated him to develop the toilet.

According to the report on the El Español website, the architect realized that, for areas like the ones he met in Madagascar with drinking water problems, it was necessary to provide waterless toilets.

Against, Read had the sixth Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations Organization (UN), “Clean water and sanitation”, which requires certain requirements to meet the required sanitary levels.

How did he manage to develop the toilet? with sand

Taking the African context, firstly, the toilet had to be cheap at the time of its manufacture. On the other hand, it had to ensure that it had the capacity to treat the poop and urine of a household made up of seven adults and two days or three kilos of solid waste and 30 liters of liquids.

After knowing the challenge, came the development. How to replace the water? well with sand. The material change also implied a system change, so Sandi It consists of a mechanical discharge system by means of a basic conveyor belt that transfers the waste from the toilet itself to the tank located under the body of the toilet.


In this way, the user fills the body with sand and pushes it until it moves towards the cup. Once it is full, you can relieve yourself.


In addition, the architect plans to add a divider to separate feces from urine, which would allow each type of waste to be treated.

Archie Read explained that the Sandi could cost up to 72 dollars and hopes to partner with government organizations to market this toilet that can help countries like Madagascar.

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