Hacked NASA and claimed to have found UFOs: What happened to Detective Gary McKinnon?


detective’s case Gary McKinnon It is one of the most remembered by UFO followers and researchers. The Scotsman, also known as Solo, hacked into NASA and claimed to have found evidence of the existence of aliens.

As the Republic website recalls in a report, his attack on the US space agency is remembered as the biggest cyber attack in history.

The result of his hack was to find classified files of NASA and the United States Armywhich would check the existence of UFOs.

The indictment against McKinnon, a former systems administration employee, was filed in 2001, accused of accessing 97 computers on private US government networks, which also include Air Force, Defense Department and Navy sites.

The goal of the nicknamed Solo was to find evidence that matched Donna Hare’s storya former NASA employee who claimed that the space agency used to erase images of possible UFOs.

According to Gary McKinnon, he found four folders named “Filtered”, “Unfiltered”, “Processed” and “Raw”, hosted in Johnson Space Center Building 8 systems. She was only able to keep one photo because of the low connection back then and it would be that of a UFO in the form of a cigarette.


What happened to Gary McKinnon?

Gary McKinnon was briefly arrested in 2002, until the government requested his capture again in 2005, accused of committing damages of more than 700 thousand dollars and interfering with information from the Air Force in 2001.

The United States requested his extradition in 2006 to face an 80-year sentence, but after multiple appeals, in 2012 he was “saved” by the then UK Home Secretary Theresa May, who claimed that McKinnon had Asperger’s syndrome, for which he was acquitted.

Nowadays, Gary McKinnon is 56 years old and a free man.. Last year he gave an interview to The Sun newspaper and revealed that he was “stunned” by the number of UFOs NASA had discovered.

It is a fact that there are objects that we do not understand, that fly through our skies, as it is also a fact that there are scientific, intelligence and military departments that study these objects”, he assured.

Gary McKinnon
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