Artificial Intelligence-Led Denmark Political Party Plans to Run in General Election


There is not a country that does not complain about its politicians, for whatever reasons, and while citizens ask for solutions, a political party in Denmark thought of making a resounding change in its leadership: tothe front is a artificial intelligence with which they plan to run in the general election.

On June 4, 2023, elections are scheduled in the European country, in which voters will elect the 179 members of the Folketing, the Danish Parliament. In that vote, the synthetic partywhich bases all its proposals on a program devised by an artificial intelligence.

According to a report on the Concert website, Synthetic was created as part of an outcry over ignored themes and ideas. The AI ​​fed on polls taken from people who abstained from voting or simply nullified during the 2019 general election.

That segment, which represents 15 percent of Denmark, did not feel represented by the presidential candidates, so the artificial intelligence began to formulate proposals according to their opinions and comments.

The proposals of artificial intelligence

Synthetic’s AI presents as its main proposal that the universal basic income in Denmark is 100 thousand Danish kroner per month, equivalent to 13,700 dollars and which represents more than double the average salary in that country.


The political party also supports the addition of a United Nations (UN) sustainable development goal that would allow “Humans and algorithms coexist more directly than now.”

The only inconvenience that Synthetic has to be able to present the candidacy is that the electoral governing body demanded the collection of 20 thousand signatures. For now, they are far from the goal.

The political party has averaged a meeting “for a human audience” in September, with which they hope to increase its diffusion and reach more people who are tired of politicians and who bet on artificial intelligence.

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