Elasmotherium sibiricum, the true “unicorn” that lived among humans 29 thousand years ago


The world maintains the idea that the unicorn, the mythological creature of European folklore, is a white horse, with different colors on its body and with the horn on its forehead that characterizes it. Nevertheless, the real “unicorn” looks very different.

A study published in the American Journal of Applied Science, cited on The Guardian website, reveals that a group of scientists discovered that the Elasmotherium sibiricumcalled by experts as “Siberian unicorn”, inhabited the Earth 29 thousand years ago.

The research explains that specialists argued before that this strange species became extinct 350 thousand years ago, but a group of scientists discovered a skull in the Pavlodar region of Kazakhstanwhich provides evidence that the extinction was less than 30 thousand years agoso they could have coincided with humans.

The extinct creature, listed as a unicorn, doesn’t really look like a white horse with a colorful tail and a silver or gold horn.

What does the Siberian unicorn look like?

Although the image shared by the researchers shows the enormous horn of the Siberian unicorn, this specimen does not appear to be a horse.

Elasmotherium sibiricum

Experts believe that looks more like a rhinoceros than the mythical creature to which his nickname refers. They argue that it can be a type of rhinoceros with a lot of hair.

Physically, It was about 6 feet tall (1 meter 80 cm) and 15 feet long (4 meters 572 cm), weighing 9,000 pounds, almost 4,100 kilos, so it could be compared to a woolly mammoth.

Andre Shpanski, a paleontologist at Tomsk State University in Russia, told Phys.org: “Southern Western Siberia was most likely a refuge, where this rhino persevered longer compared to the rest of its range. There is another possibility that it may migrate and dwell for a time in the areas further south”.

Researchers are now studying how this creature was able to survive so much longer than many of its kind.

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