The three scariest threats to Earth discovered by scientists in space


The depths of the universe and its visual spectacles can be as beautiful as they are terrifying. What we enjoy through the images shared by the NASA and ESA by Hubble and James WebbIn many cases it could end our existence.

In fact, frequent communications from space agencies and astronomy organizations highlight the fact that they occur a considerable number of light-years away from which we are out of danger.

However, there are three specific, terrifying discoveries that are a warning sign for science and that obviously at some point could endanger our existence.

It is true that the scientists, astronomers, engineers and astrophysicists they study these types of dangers under the term of probabilities. And although in one of the cases the chance of it happening is very low, the possibility is present.

So, you need to work to be prepared in case that threat raises your percentage of power over our world.

The three most terrifying discoveries in space

The first of the three discoveries is perhaps the most certain that it will happen, but it is still a long way from happening. It is about the collision or merger of the Milky Way, which is our galaxy, and Andromeda, the neighboring star cluster.

According to what Clarín reviews in a note, Andromeda is heading towards us to record an event that is common in the universe: the merger between galaxies. However, according to scientific calculations this should happen within a few 3 billion or 5 billion years.

a sun storm

Our massive star, the most powerful energy source in our system, frequently ejects its particles towards all the planets and moons. Ours supports them thanks to its magnetic field and the protectors that allow the development of life as we know it.

But when there are eruptions during solar cycles, the amount of X-rays increases and if they touch us it can cause a signal blackout on the planet. The cited medium reports that this happened once on Earth, in the year 1859.

It is known as the Carrington Event and if it were to happen today it would cause chaos in electrical and Internet services worldwide.

An asteroid, obviously

It sounds cliché, but it is nothing more than the registration of a possibility. It happened once in a massive way 64 million years ago and it happens constantly on micro scales in different parts of the world.

We are always faced with the possibility that an asteroid will hit us and that this will affect the development of life. This is why space organizations work on shields that prevent the same thing from happening to us as to the dinosaurs.

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