NASA Artemis Program: These two Latino astronauts are in the group of candidates to go to the Moon


Two Latinos are in the group of 18 astronauts of the POT who are candidates to go to the Moon in the Artemis Program. They are Joseph Acaba, a descendant of Puerto Ricans, and Frank Rubio, the son of Salvadorans, both born in the United States.

Let us remember that NASA’s Artemis Program seeks to bring the first woman and the next man to the Moon.

aerospace agency chose nine men and nine women on the list of candidates to integrate the Artemis II and III missions, being the third one that takes the astronauts to the surface of the terrestrial satellite.

In the Artemis I Mission, which will launch on August 29 if everything goes as planned, three mannequins will go in the Orion spacecraft to lunar orbit to probe the effects of radiation, in addition to other elements for experiments.

For II, the selected astronauts will travel, but only to lunar orbit.

Let’s learn more about Joseph Acaba and Frank Rubio, the Latino astronauts of Artemis.

The story of Joseph Finishes

Joseph Michael Finishes was born in Inglewood, California, in 1967, the son of Puerto Ricans Ralph and Elsie Acaba.

Professor and hydrogeologist, he is a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, and since 2004 he has been a NASA astronaut. In 2012 he received the NASA Distinguished Service Medal.

The experienced astronaut, the son of Puerto Ricans, is among the 18 astronaut members of Team Artemis.

Hace traveled three times to the International Space Station: in 2009, as part of STS-119, accumulating 12 hours and 57 minutes in two spacewalks; in 2012, as part of Expedition 31 and 32; and in 2018, integrating Expedition 53 and 54.

“Today in space travel we are simply normal people who have a type of exploratory work,” he said in an interview with The Herald. “I believe that we continue to explore just like the ancient astronauts, only that we spend more time in space carrying out scientific research than we did before.”

Frank Rubio, from California to NASA

While the doctor Francisco Carlos Rubio Rubio was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1975. The son of Salvadorans who emigrated to the United States, he is a surgeon and lieutenant colonel in the United States Army.

In 2017, he was selected as a member of the NASA Astronaut Group.

The son of Salvadorans, he is one of the 18 astronauts aspiring to go to the Moon with NASA's Artemis Program.

After completing two years of training as an astronaut candidate, he is currently awaiting flight assignment.

“It is a great pride and honor to represent Latinos and especially the Salvadoran community. It is an important thing to be a role model. It is very important that youth have role models and it fills me with pride to be one of them”, rhe stressed in an interview with Voice of Diaspora.

Will either of these two astronauts be able to go to the Moon in the Artemis Program? We will know sooner or later.

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