Hubble Telescope Captured a Star Exploding and Left Scientists Baffled


Contrary to what it may seem due to the arrival of the James Webb telescope, the Hubble is still as active as ever. This is something he has shown on more than one occasion, and a recent example of this is that managed to detect the explosion that generated a star, an event that has scientists baffled.

The star in question is Betelgeuse, a bright red dot in the Orion constellation. Astronomers have been observing it for several years, showing itself active and in a “normal state” for the most part, but in 2019 they noticed that it was presenting unusual activity, which ended in its “attenuation”, something that caused a lot of intrigue among the community. space.

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Although many experts were puzzled by this, thanks to the images captured by the Hubble telescope three years later, an indication of what happened at the time was possible. Scientists have discovered that the dimming of the star was the result of a huge explosion that ejected material from the surface.

Scientists discovered that a large “pillar” more than 1 million miles wide may have erupted from inside the star, producing a shock that blew up a sizable portion of its surface. The ejection was 400 million times larger than those usually seen on our Sun..

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The research team, led by Andrea Dupree, associate director of the Harvard & Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, reported their findings in a paper published in The Astrophysical Journal. “We saw something going on that we don’t fully understand. It’s a totally new phenomenon that we can directly observe and resolve surface details with Hubble.. We are seeing stellar evolution in real time.”commented the expert.

Although the scientific community is stunned by this curious fact, the event has also given experts some information, connecting the dots as to why the star lost its brightness from one moment to the next. However, it seems that the mystery is far from being solved at the moment.

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